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E-COLI Super-Bug



Super-Bugs are soft-toy germs that look just like the real thing only a million times larger and  a thousand times cuter! They're humorous, educational and great fun. 

They make great training session Ice-Breakers and as leads into discussing Hygiene issues in Schools, Colleges, Care-Homes and the workplace.

    Identity: Escherichia coli is a bacterium that naturally lives in the intestines of healthy animals and humans, however, there are strains of E. coli, specifically O157:H7, that cause food poisoning. Faeces can contaminate food with E. coli through runoff and improper sterilization. Water, raw vegetables, undercooked ground beef, and unpasteurized milk are the most common E. coli offenders. 
Contracted By:  Poor hand hygiene / Ineffective hand washing technique
Symptons: Diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps. Prolonged exposure can cause kidney problems.
Cure:  None. Antibiotics not recommended. Symptoms will subside after 5-10 days in healthy adults.
History:  1885: German scientist Theodor Escherich discovered Bacterium coli in the human colon. He also found out that certain strains caused infant diarrhea.


E.Coli Super-Bug



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