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STAPH Super-Bug



Super-Bugs are soft-toy germs that look just like the real thing only a million times larger and  a thousand times cuter! They're humorous, educational and great fun. 

They make great training session Ice-Breakers and as leads into discussing Hygiene issues in Schools, Colleges, Care-Homes and the workplace.

    Identity: There are over 30 different kinds of staph bacteria, but staphylococcus aureus is the most common. (Staph, or staphyle, means “bunch of grapes” in Greek, which is more or less what staph looks likes under the microscope.) It can often be found living harmlessly on human skin. But occasionally, staph will wander into a hair follicle or slip into a crack in your skin causing a slew of common infections ranging from boils, to sties, to rashes. Red sores and pus are typical of affected areas.
Contracted By:  Poor hand hygiene / Ineffective hand washing technique
Symptons: It can cause boils, food poisoning, or toxic shock syndrome. Skin infections are typically shown as a pus-filled sore. Internally, it can cause fever and low blood pressure. If infections progress, there are dangerous and potentially fatal effects.
Cure:  Different antibiotics depending on the type of Staph. Food poisoning typically clears on its own.
History:  1882: Alexander Ogston discovered and named Staphylococcus as the primary cause of pus.


Staph Super-Bug



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