An affordable, portable desktop disclosure box for use with our hygiene training kits or Checkpoint. Includes a black cotton carry bag.

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A NEW lightweight, portable blackout disclosure box for use in hand wash training. Show box provides a convenient desktop ‘dark area’ to view the remaining UV GERM particles left on hands after washing. Perfect for training in brightly lit rooms or areas which cannot be darkened sufficiently. After use the Show Box folds away flat and stored in its own black cotton carry bag.

Suitable for use with:  UV Forensic Torch.  UV PRO Forensic Torch and the Checkpoint Disclosure Lamp.

MULTI-BUY SAVINGS:  Add 6 and pay only for 5  (get 1 Box FREE)

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Weight .5 kg

Simply unfold the Show Box and insert the supporting base piece into the box to form a black cube with one opening.

Place the Show Box (with the opening facing you) on a desk or table top,  at a comfortable height for use either sitting down or standing.

Insert hands to be examined into the Show Box and shine your UV Forensic torch onto the subject’s hands.

The dark area provided by the Show Box will allow you to see even the smallest particles glowing under the UV light no matter how bright the room is.

Users of our checkpoint Lamp may also find the Show Box useful if they intend to use the Checkpoint in a brightly lit area or exhibition etc.  The Checkpoint will fit and function ‘inside’ the Show Box so providing the Checkpoint with its own ‘dark zone’ despite the brightness of its surroundings.


Made from a light-fast, matt-black material which readily absorbs visible and UV light so providing a neutral backdrop to best display the UV fluorescence emanating from small patches or particles of UV GERM lotion remaining on the skin after washing. Especially useful in creating a lightweight, table-top ‘dark-area’ for use in brightly lit rooms or exhibitions areas etc.

Size when flat:   370 x 330 x 20 mm

Size when open:   370 x 330 x 330 mm

Weight:   700 grams

Suitable for use with:  UV Forensic Torch.  UV PRO Forensic Torch and Checkpoint Lamp

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