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Employee Theft

EMPLOYEE THEFT is generally defined as…

Any stealing, use or misuse of an employers assets without permission.”

Whist this article covers the process of setting a trap for a workplace thief, it is just as relevant to identifying someone responisible for tampering with machinery, safety equipment, alarms or production control equipment etc.

Introducing a NEW range of British made, Smart Workplace Theft & Tamper Detection Tools, each with one purpose in mind; to help answer a simple question. WHO is…?

WHO is taking these…?
WHO is stealing these…?
WHO is using these…?
WHO is tampering with…?
WHO is damaging…?

Its about establishing the Trustworthiness or Culpability of one or more individuals within your organisation, workplace or home and determine if misunderstanding or misconduct is responsible for their actions, all conducted in a discreet, confidential and professional manner.

However, to find the answer to any one of these questions, you first need to obtain indisputable proof that the individual had actual physical contact with the item taken, used or tampered with. In other words,

‘A reliable means which clearly demonstrates (beyond any doubt) ‘who’ physically  touched or handled a specific item’.

The item could be anything from a banknote to a bicycle, an item of jewellery to a control panel.

To obtain this Proof of Contact, the item (or surface) is lightly coated with a thin film of LUVINOL ™ an odourless, colourless, UV powered Smart Detection Gel. This highly effective clear coating will not dry-out and will remain effective for many hours. It is able to leave a temporary, invisible skin-stain on contact.

So now, when someone takes, steals, uses, breaks, tampers-with or in any way makes touch-contact with the item, it will leave an Invisible UV Skin Stain on the person’s hands; one which only becomes visible under Forensic UV light. 

This indisputable proof of contact method, allows you to easily identify the ‘who?’ However, when it comes to finding out the ‘why?’  Well that’s really down to you. But at least you’ll know who to ask!

What is LUVINOL™ Detection Gel?

This amazing liquid smart gel, has been developed by GLOWTEC here in the UK and is odourless, colourless, non-toxic and completely safe for temporary use on most indoor surfaces and materials. It is however, unsuitable for outdoor use.

Luvinol Smart Detection Gel

When a LUVINOL coated object (or surface) is touched, the skin is immediately stained with a temporary, invisible WHITE UV DYE which will be detectable on the skin for at least 24 hours; even after intensive hand washing and showering. However, when a UV Forensic torch is shown onto their hands the invisible stain will be revealed, providing the indisputable ‘proof of contact’ you require.

LUVINOL will remain active until it is no longer required, where after it can be simply wiped clean and will not permanently stain or tarnish surfaces or fabrics like visible stains do!

Suitable for use on most surfaces such as:
Metals, Wood, Plastics, Glass, Porcelain as well as many Fabrics.

Use it on Coins, Banknotes, Jewellery, Stock items, PCs, Phones, Laptops, Alarms, Instruments, Bicycles, Tools, Keys/Locks, Equipment, Control Panels, Handles, Doorknobs, Lids, Switches etc.


  • Invisible  (in normal light)
  • Odourless
  • Colourless
  • Non-Drying  (will stay active and viable for several days)
  • Easily Cleaned  (simply wipe-clean to remove when finished)


  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Tarnising  (won’t stain or damage fabrics or furniture)
  • Non-Permanent  (will wash of skin after a couple of days)
EMPLOYEE THEFT is generally defined as…

Any stealing, use or misuse of an employers assets without permission.

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