Infection Control Innovators

Based in the North West of England, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing market leading innovative smart products here in the UK since 2004. We like to think the products we produce do in some small way make our world a better place and may actually save lives!

Back in 2008 we released the WASH & GLOW Hygiene Training System, the only truly British-made hand washing training system on the market (and still is). 

Since then we have enhanced and added many new, innovative Infection Control tools and resources to our range, helping our dedicated Healthcare Professionals deliver compelling and memorable hygiene training to all.

Healthcare Hygiene is not just about hand washing and hand sanitising, it’s about breaking the cycle of contamination, re-contamination and cross-contamination.

Clean, sanitised hands are great until they touch an already contaminated surface, piece of equipment, object or person, then just like in the childhood game, they become ‘IT’ and will cross-contaminate what they now go on to touch!

Its about balance. Hand hygiene and surface hygiene working together. As such it is profoundly important to try and keep the Healthcare environment we work in, as hygienically clean as we keep our hands.  Click here to find out more

All our own brand products are designed, developed and produced here in the UK for British quality, performance and reliability.

A small selection of organisations who rely on WASH & GLOW for their hygiene training…