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UV GERM Training lotion

Safe for use on sensitive skin, this gentle, high quality, hypoallergenic hand wash training lotion is made using invisible UV GERM technology and will help you provide a memorable visual demonstration of effective hand hygiene, and teach the methods and techniques required to achieve it. 

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uv germ training lotion
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uv germ training lotion

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Does this product show actual germs (microbes) or bacteria on the skin?

Unfortunately such micro-organisms do not actually glow (or fluoresce) under UV light and if they did they would be much too small to see with the naked eye. What it does do however, is safely simulate the presence of micro-organisms so trainees can see with their own eyes the amount of simulated contaminants left behind after ineffective hand washing.

To achieve this we created microscopic germ-like smart particles which are only 5 microns in diameter (that’s just 5 millionths of a millimeter!) pretty small I’m sure you’d agree. Now in normal light they really are too small to see, however, when you shine a certain kind of UV light on them, they each glow an intense green or blue, like a microscopic supernova.

UV GERM Training lotion - close up
Fingernails and cuticles are great hiding areas for microbes
UV GERM Training lotion - close up
UV GERM Particles hide within the creases and crevices of the skin
UV GERM Training lotion - close up

Now combine these UV GERM particles with a high-quality, skin-safe, hypo-allergenic lotion and you have a pleasing, easy-to-use method of applying microscopic UV GERM simulation particles to hands prior to washing, a gentle, non-greasy, lotion which is safe for use on all skin types as well most non-porous surfaces and materials.

Hand Wash Training Steps

Dispense a small amount of UV GERM lotion onto the hands.

Rub in the training lotion into hands and wrists.

Turn-on the UV Forensic Torch and shine onto the hands.

Uv Germ Hygiene Training Lotion

Under UV Forensic Light, hands and wrists will glow brightly to show full coverage of the lotion.

Now wash hands as you would do normally.

Under UV light, those areas not properly cleaned will still glow  green or blue .

light bulb moment green

Now deliver the appropriate hand wash technique training and wash hands again.

Properly this time!

Under UV light your hands should now be free of any glowing UV GERM particles. Perfect.

UV GERM Lotion is used to teach...

WASH & GLOW Hygiene Training Video

This short hand hygiene training film is exclusively for use with WASH & GLOW kits and UV GERM Training Lotion. After a brief hygiene intro the video shows how hand hygiene training works and what to expect etc.

The follow-on Instructional stages are provided step-by-step, so they may be shown in sequence; as a continuous introductory primer before any actual training is given, or individually ‘start-stop-start’ during training. Run time is approximately 5 minutes with ENGLISH Narration.

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