ECO Policy

A common sense approach to eco-responsibility

Being a family focused company, we are particularly conscious of the possible environmental impact of our business. As such we have given careful consideration to all the ECO-responsible measures we can readily implement within our organisation, to help reduce or entirely mitigate, any potential environmental impact, and actively encourage staff to embrace them with enthusiasm and pride.

Packaging Re-use & Recycling

Every week our internet store ships products to customers throughout the UK and the world and therefore consumes a good deal of protective packaging materials and cardboard.  Were possible we use pre-recycled / bio-degradable packaging materials. Packaging materials arriving on goods received from our own suppliers, is re-used as outgoing packaging, or if no further use for it can be found, recycled again though local civil amenities.

Reduce Landfill - Waste Less

We are very conscious of the looming landfill crisis in this country. From the outset, we built GLOWTEC to be a low-waste generating Business, which actively reduces its consumption and re-purpose or recycle any excesses or surplus.  Any waste which cannot be reallocated internally, is responsibly recycled at a Civic Recycling Centre.

Local Sourcing - BUY British

To fly-in a product half way round the world, when an equally good alternative is available locally, is environmentally absurd. Wherever possible GLOWTEC actively sources from local suppliers, only sourcing further afield where no suitable local alternative is available.

Eco-Ethical Partners

Working together with like-minded ‘Green’ business partners and suppliers; who share our values and environmental concerns, helps even a small business like ours as part of a collective, exert a profound influence for the greater good. Therefore, it is our policy to trade with suppliers who have themselves, demonstrated a clear commitment to their own environmental, ethical and moral responsibilities. This includes use of sustainable raw-materials in their products and does not involve the use of child labour or any other form of oppressive or unethical business practices.

Eco-Safe Products

All WASH & GLOW and UV GERM products are responsibly produced here in the UK from ECO-friendly, non-polluting, non-toxic, non-harzardous and non-flammable ingredients or materials.

Energy Conservation

Leaving on office lights, PCs and other electrical equipment on standby overnight; like a dripping tap, can over time, waste a considerable amount of energy unnecessarily.  At GLOWTEC, all non-essential equipment, heating and lighting is powered off when not required, day or night.

Zero International Travel

Air travel is a recognised environmental polluter, with many thousands of unnecessary flights taken by employees for ‘Business’ purposes. We believe it environmentally unacceptable to take a ECO-costly flight, when pervasive Internet communications technology may be used to achieve much the same result in far less time, with far less cost and almost no environmental impact. GLOWTEC staff do not make any International Business trips. Communication with all overseas Customers and Suppliers is achieved electronically via the Internet and telecommunications.

No Unnecessary Journeys

Being ‘on-the-road’ in Business terms, is not only very wasteful in terms of lost productivity time and expense, it is not eco-responsible. Pervasive Internet communications can delivery tangible business results in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.  GLOWTEC staff do not make any unnecessary Business trips by car. After all, why pick-up your keys when you can pick-up the phone instead?

A Paper-Less Office

Print-to-screen-not-to-paper, this simple change to an old habit, helps us save our trees and save money too. Hyper-Text instead of Printed Text.  The use of email and electronic transfer for correspondence and invoicing helps reduce our dependency on paper and publishing a comprehensive internet web site, effectively negates the need for printed brochures and catalogues.