Frequently Asked Questions

No. UV GERM products are design to ‘simulate’ contamination such as bacteria and microbes in a helpful and safe way.  The actual bacteria and microbes which may be present on skin are much too small to see with the naked eye and do not naturally fluoresce under UV light anyway.

Essentially mini kit 1 and the mini trainer are the same the only difference is that the mini trainer comes in a high-quality carry case. These kits are intended for occasional use with small groups. 

Kit 2 has a larger bottle of UV GERM Training Lotion 250ml compare to the 2 x 50ml bottles supplied with kits 1 and the mini trainer.  Kit 2 is best if you have to do a one off larger session (say a dozen people or more) and therefore may need more lotion from the outset.

The pump dispensers on the 250 and 500 ml bottles of UV GERM Training Lotion dispense approximately 1ml of lotion.  This should usually be adequate for the hands of children and ladies. larger hands will usually require 2 pumps of lotion to adequately cover both hands and wrists.  When estimating or budgeting for lotion consumption, remember it may take some people several attempts to get the hang of the hand washing method, so they will naturally consume more lotion in the process.

Cuddle Bugs are essentially touch-contact (uv) germ dispensers.  The microscopic ultra-fine particles are not normally visible to the human eye and are discreetly transferred on contact by electrostatic attraction. This basically means that whomever touches a primed cuddle bug will become ‘contaminated’ with uv germ particles themselves and begin the process of unwittingly cross-contamination others and the things they touch.  

Yes of course. We only use safe, non-toxic ingredients in our products. Click here for our MSDS Safety Data Sheets.

Absolutely.  We have a range of products designed for this purpose:  UV GERM powders, spray, markers and grease.  Each product deploys non-toxic, ultra-fine, invisible particles which fluoresce bright under UV black light.  These microscopic particles freely transfer on contact (cross-contaminate) effectively demonstrating  the basic principles of cross-contamination (cross-infection) in a safe and harmless way.

The UV light sources we use are low-power, long wave UV black lights which are completely safe when used as instructed.  However, as with all forms of electrically-powered light sources, you should never look directly into the light source.

Yes it can. However, whilst we cannot guarantee that nobody will ever have a reaction to our lotion, we have done everything possible to reduce such a possibility from the outset, such as using only safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic ingredients as well making it paraben-free and fragrance-free.  In the extremely rare instance where someone does have a reaction, then they should stop using the lotion and simply observe a colleague undergoing the training process.

Before training establish if any attendee has sensitive skin or a history of skin reactions. If so you should test for a possible reaction before training, or ask them to abstain if they prefer.

UV GERM Lotion has a shelf life of 12 months from purchase.

Yes, the process of applying hand-sanitising gel properly is almost identical to the process of washing hands properly. Therefore you can use UV GERM Training Lotion and your preferred hand wash training method, to demonstrate full hand coverage of under UV light. 

Product safety sheets (MSDS) are available here:  /msds

Whilst we do not supply our products to distributors, we do allow some re-sellers to buy our products on behalf of their customers where there is a supply-chain restriction for the customer ( In other words, where customers are not free to purchase themselves and have to use only pre-approved suppliers).

Whilst we do not use 3rd party distributors or resellers, we can supply direct from the UK to many countries  

As a manufacturer come supplier, we do not have public access / customer collection point and will only dispatch orders via post or courier on the specified dispatch days. We regret individual customer orders are not available for collection in person.

NHS, Government, Local Authority or Education buyers may issue an official purchase order (subject to a minimum order value of £50 net of carriage and vat).

For businesses, charities or private companies, we can raise a proforma invoice and ship the goods once payment has been received. There is however a ‘minimum order value’ of £50 net of carriage and vat. Orders less than this amount should be placed and paid for on our web site.

Still have a question?  Then drop us a line of call and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.