Check & Monitor Healthcare Hygiene Standards

With SMART UV GERM technology, this handy Infection Control Tool Kit will help you provide these essential I.C. functions. 

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Also included is a refillable UV GERM Marker which will deposit a ‘strip’ of harmless SMART UV Revealing particles on a suitable surface. These discreet marks are virtually invisible under normal light conditions, however when exposed to UV light from the UV Forensic torch, will glow brightly revealing their presence.

UV GERM particles are easily removed with normal cleaning (even a damp-cloth) so if they remain after cleaning, it would indicate the surface has not been cleaned effectively.

Having made your invisible UV GERM check marks, now you need to see they are still there after cleaning!

This is where your UV Forensic Torch comes in. This high quality, UV filtered unit provides both close-up and wide-area disclosure of UV GERM surface marks as a bright green glow.

Healthcare Hygiene Checks

Besides the obvious high risk areas, these few simple checks will establish if surfaces are being thoroughly cleaned i.e. right up to the edges and into those hard-to-reach corners, work surfaces and worktops, underneath patient beds and around waste bins etc. These are excellent test locations, as are door handles, lift / elevator call buttons, toilet flush handles. communal door handles / knobs and hand rails etc (use UV GERM Spray for carpets, fabrics, rough and porous surfaces).

Having made the invisible ‘checkpoints’, a follow-up spot-check Inspection using your Forensic UV Torch after cleaning has been performed, will determine which check-points have been removed by effective cleaning and which were not! Your findings will help establish if there is a need for re-training of staff or a change in cleaning practice etc.

Random spot-checks thereafter, will help establish new practices and help to ensure higher standards are maintained.

The UV Forensic Torch can also provide Forensic CSI (Cleaning Standards Inspection) for Hospitals and Healthcare – Revealing traces of body fluids and other bio-contamination not visible to the naked eye.

UV GERM particles are easily removed with normal cleaning, so if they remain after cleaning, it would indicate the surface has not been cleaned effectively.

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