WASH & GLOW Hygiene Detective


For multi-surface hygiene, cross-contamination training, demonstrations and monitoring.


Professional grade UV GERM® based multi-surface, cross-contamination hygiene demonstration ‘Check & Monitor’ kit.

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UV Colour


How to use

Designed for use as a surface hygiene inspection / compliance monitoring tool that lend themselves equally to hygiene training and cross-contamination simulations. These products that will enable you to deposit a fine coating of UV GERM particles (virtually invisible on a white or very light background) on to most surfaces , floors, apparatus and clothing etc  These harmless microscopic UV particles are also easily transferred on contact, ideal for demonstrating cross-contamination.

When illuminated with a UV forensic torch or Checkpoint lamp, the particles will fluoresce brightly, revealing their continued presence so identifying areas that have not been properly cleaned.  These products are particle based and suitable for use on most surface types and fabrics and easily removed using normally surface cleaning practice.

Please Note:  UV GERM marker and spray are not suitable for hand-wash training nor are they suitable for outdoor use or in ‘wet’ area such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms etc.


1 x 100ml UV GERM Spray (see choice)

1 x UV GERM Marker (see choice)

1 x 10ml UV GERM Contact Grease (Green)

1 x UV PRO Forensic Torch

1 x ABS Carry Case

Important information

This product is considered safe and non-toxic for COSHH purposes. However this product is not classed as Food Safe and is therefore unsuitable for use in areas designated for food production or food preparation.

UV GERM Contact Grease has a 24 month shelf life from the date of purchase.

UV GERM Marker and Spray have a 12 month shelf life from the date of purchase and are not suitable for hand-wash training nor are they suitable for use outdoors or in ‘wet’ area such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms etc.

The UV GERM Marker is not suitable for use on overly-textured or rough surfaces, for such surfaces use the UV GERM Spray.  If in doubt test on small area first to and check it is easily removed with normal cleaning. UV GERM particles may be more difficult to remove from some porous / pitted / rough surfaces. For simplicity of use and best results, we recommend using on smooth, non-porous surfaces where possible.

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Customer Advisory

If you are unsure of how this product works or its suitability for your particular purpose, then please email or call to discuss first or order one as a sample to test.

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