Next Generation Hygiene Training System

Showbox Pro

NEW for 2021.  Next Generation, professional grade ‘pop-up’ UV light box systems which replace our older Checkpoint based systems for Infection Control hygiene training.

This British-made lightweight, table top ‘dark theatre’ allows you to see UV GERM particles remaining on hands after washing (or acquired through cross-contamination demonstrations) making it perfect for training in brightly lit rooms or areas which cannot be darkened easily.

When needed, it simply pops-up in seconds for an instant, ready-to-use hygiene training station, anywhere! When not in use it folds flat for easy storage or transportation.

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Showbox Pro

Its all about the UV light

At the heart of the SHOWBOX PRO is the all New GLOWTEC UV PRO Forensic Strip. A High quality, low profile UV LED array which produces UV-rich black light at an essential 365nm. With no batteries or expensive UV bulbs to replace, its certainly inexpensive to run and maintenance free, plus with very low energy consumption it’s rightfully ECO friendly too.

UV GERM Green Lotion
UV GERM Blue Lotion

UV GERM Lotion

Uv Germ Lotion Set 3c

SHOWBOX PRO Kits includes either a 250ml or 500ml bottle of UV GERM Hygiene Training Lotion. Formulated using SMART UV Revealing Particles which are INVISIBLE under normal light conditions, yet will glow Green or Blue when exposed to a good quality UV Light source.

A pleasing and easy-to-use method of applying Microscopic UV GERM Simulation particles to hands prior to washing. This gentle, non-greasy, hypoallergenic lotion is safe for use on all skin types as well as most non-porous surfaces.

Your Pop-up & Show Training Station

1. Lay flat
2. Lift top layer
3. Fold back side panel
4. Plug-in and use

A range of kits for every size organisation

What the size of your organisation or company we have a Training Kit for you.  Small groups and occasional ‘compliance’ training can be handled by one of our Mini Training Kits. However for larger groups and more frequent training, something more robust and professional is required. This is when you need your SHOWBOX PRO…

SHOWBOX PRO KIT 1:  Includes 250ml UV GERM Training Lotion (Green or Blue) so is suitable for training up to 50 or so people.

SHOWBOX PRO KIT 2 Includes 500ml UV GERM Training Lotion (Green or Blue) and suitable for training up to 100 people.

SHOWBOX PRO KIT 3 Suitable for training up to 50 people in Hand Hygiene, Surface Hygiene and Cross-Contamination awareness etc. Includes 250ml UV GERM Training Lotion, 250ml Hygiene Spray. Small Hygiene Marker, Small Hygiene Grease and a UV PRO Forensic Torch.

Hand and Surface Hygiene Training

Whilst hand hygiene is vitally important, if not more so in these troubled times, we must not forget about surface hygiene and the ever present problem of cross contamination. The New SHOWBOX PRO Kit 3 provides the tools need to cover all 3 key elements of essential hygiene training.

An ingeniously simple pop-up UV Light Box made using a light-absorbing material which creates a USB powered dark theatre for revealing invisible UV GERM particles on the hands and wrists.  Takes but a few seconds to set-up and use, then folds back flat for easy storage or transportation.

A gentle, hypo-allergenic hand washing training lotion which will glow bright green under UV light. Suitable for use on most skin types and non-porous surfaces and materials.

Creates a waterproof, invisible (UV revealing) surface smear-mark for use in surface hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

Leaves a small invisible (UV revealing) surface mark for use in surface hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

Water based spray leaving a mostly invisible (UV revealing) surface dust-film for use in surface hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

A UV Filtered, battery powered UV Forensic Blacklight which provides both close-up and wide-area disclosure of UV GERM surface marks or as a secondary hand wash training UV disclosure light.

Everything you'll need to deliver...

Low Energy - Mains USB Powered

The SHOWBOX PRO is supplied with a choice of a UK or EU USB mains plug so it can be used wherever there is a regular power socket. However, with its ultra-low power consumption, it can be run from an ordinary USB Power Pack for several house continuously, meaning the SHOWBOX PRO can serve as a ‘pop-up’ Hygiene Training Station almost anywhere.

USB Power Pack (not supplied)
UK 3-Pin USB Plug supplied
or EU 2-Pin USB Plug option

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