Hand Wash and Hand Sanitiser Training Kit

The WORLDS 1st Range of Total Hand Hygiene Training Kits

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These British-made Hand Hygiene Training Kit will help you deliver not just essential Hand Wash Training, but essential Hand Sanitiser Training too. 1 neat kit 2 great solutions. 

Simple, easy-to-follow training instructions supplied. Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizing are 2 essential stages in the Healthcare Circle of Hygiene.

wash & glow total hygiene trainer
wash & glow total hygiene trainer
UV GERM Total Hand Hygiene Refill Pack

Kits includes 2 x 250ml bottles of UV GERM Hand Rub Training Gel and UV GERM Training Lotion. Both hypoallergenic,and safe to on all skin types and colours. Both are fragrance-free, gluten-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and suitable for Vegans too.

Mini Showbox


A lightweight, budget pop-up disclosure box upgrade for our Mini Hygiene Training Kit range.

The Mini Showbox provides a convenient ‘low-cost’ table top ‘dark zone’ to view hands after application. Perfect for training in brightly lit rooms, halls or communal areas which cannot be darkened sufficiently.

Hand Rub Training Steps

The principle is simple; for hand rub to be fully effective, it must correctly applied so that it covers the entire surface area of both hands and wrists.

If there any gaps in this coverage then the hand rub may not be effective!

But how do you see what is and is properly covered? 

This is where UV GERM Hand Rub Training Gel comes in. The gel contains a harmless, invisible UV ingredient, which when exposed to a UV light, will glow (fluoresce) bright blue. 

This serves to show exactly which parts of the hands and wrists have (and more importantly) have not been properly covered (sanitised).

wash hands blue 300 2

1 Wash and Dry hands First

Hand sanitizer is only fully effective on visibly clean (unsoiled) hands and skin.  Have the attendees wash and dry their hands properly in preparation.

dispense gel blue 300 2

2 Dispense Hand Rub Training Gel

Dispense a small amount of Hand Rub Training gel into the hands. Roughly the same mount as would be dispensed by a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

rub hands blue 300 2

3. Rub into Hands

For the first attempt (and before any training), have the attendee rub the gel into their hands. 

check hands blue 3000 2

4. Check the results

Now have them place their hands inside the Showbox (or other darkend area) and see the results. The vast majority of their hands will probably be covered. However, its the tiny dark areas on the hands and wrists that are the danger zones. This is where microbes and bacteria can hide, safe from the sanitizers reach. Remember, it only takes a speck to cross-contaminate!

light bulb moment dkblue

5. Now Teach them how to do it properly

Having seen with their own eyes, the evidence of apply hand rub incorrectly, you would now teach them the correct technique and repeat the above steps 1 through 4 until they get it right.

Hand Wash Training Steps

1. Dispense lotion

Dispense a small amount of UV GERM lotion onto the hands.

2. Rub in well

Rub in the training lotion into hands and wrists.

3. Use your UV light

Turn-on the UV Forensic Torch and shine onto the hands.

Uv Germ Hygiene Training Lotion

4. Check coverage

Under UV Forensic Light, hands and wrists will glow bright green to show full coverage of the lotion.

5. Wash hands normally

Now wash hands as you would do normally.

6. Believe your eyes

Under UV light the areas not properly cleaned will still glow green.
light bulb moment green

7. Teach the techniques

Now deliver the appropriate hand wash method training and wash hands again.

Properly this time!

8. Check for Success

Under UV light your hands should now be free of any glowing UV GERM particles. Perfect.

Hand Hygiene training is a key part of the Healthcare Circle of Hygiene.

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