SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL Hygiene Training System

SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL Hygiene Training System


UV based Hand Wash, Hand Sanitise, Healthcare Cleaning and Cross-Contamination Training System. 1 amazing kit. 4 training solutions. British made.

The World’s 1st Complete Hygiene Training System…

…and the WASH & GLOW Training Flagship, designed for all round HAND WASHHAND RUBHEALTHCARE CLEANING and CROSS-CONTAMINATION Training.  As well as covering all your I.C. hygiene training bases, you can also use the tools included within this kit to CHECK and MONITOR Hygiene standards.

British made, professional grade, UV light based, disclosure box training system and the principle, go-to solution for Infection Control hygiene trainers.

This next-generation, lightweight, table top ‘dark theatre’ allows you to view UV GERM particles remaining on hands after washing (or through cross-contamination demonstrations) making it perfect for training in brightly lit rooms and areas which cannot be darkened easily.

At the heart of the SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL is the GLOWTEC UV PRO Forensic Light system, which properly activates the microscopic ‘germ simulation’ particles used in UV GERM Hygiene Training products, so what is invisible in normal light, suddenly glows brightly under its UV Forensic light.

SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL is made from a light-absorbing material which means the further in you place your hands, the darker it becomes, making it suitable for use even in the brightest of lighting conditions.

Comes complete with instructions and handy guides for effective all-round hygiene training.

Its safe, responsibly energy efficient and ECO friendly requiring only a ordinary 5v USB power point.

Its seriously lightweight at only 950 grams and 380 x 330 x 330mm when erected.

Of course, being powered by USB means you can now set up a Hygiene Training Station literally ‘anywhere’ plugged into a convenient USB power socket or it’s USB adapter plug (supplied).

The SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL will even run for continuously for hours on a simply USB power pack (not supplied).

After use, the ‘pop-up’ style SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL simply folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

Includes a custom soft carry case, professionally hand-made here in the UK.

Find out more … Click here for a full introduction and overview of this product.

Weight .5 kg

UK 3-Pin, EU 2-Pin

How it works

1 – Simply pop-up the SHOWBOX and fold back the right hand side panel to the back to form a rigid black cube with one opening.  To complete, zip-up the rear panel ensuring the USB powder lead is clear and ready for use.

2 – Place the SHOWBOX (with the opening facing you) on a table or desk top at a comfortable height for use either sitting down (or standing if preferred).  Plug into the USB power outlet and turn on when ready.

3 – Apply UV GERM Lotion then insert hands into the SHOWBOX.

After hands have been washed, the dark, light-absorbing inner-area will allow you to see even the smallest of particles glowing under the UV Forensic light no matter how bright the room is. The further in you place your hands the darker and easier to see it becomes.

We provide a FREE Hand Hygiene Training Video Primer for use with WASH & GLOW Kits and UV GERM lotion.


In a nutshell

HAND WASH training in a nutshell:

  1. Dispense a small amount in the hand.
  2. Rub-in well in to the hands and wrists.
  3. Place under the UV light to see full coverage of hands and wrists.
  4. Wash and dry and normal.
  5. Place hands back under the UV light.  (Any areas which still glow are not clean!)
  6. Repeat until there is no more lotion detectable on the hands.

HAND RUB application training in a nutshell:

The principle is simple; for hand rub to be fully effective, it must correctly applied so that it covers the entire surface area of both hands and wrists. If there any gaps in this coverage then the hand rub may not be effective! UV GERM Hand Rub Training Gel contains a harmless, invisible UV ingredient, which when exposed to a UV light, will glow (fluoresce) bright blue.  This serves to show exactly which parts of the hands and wrists have (and more importantly) have not been properly covered (sanitised).

  1. Dispense a single amount into the palm of one hand.
  2. Rub-in well into both hands and wrists.
  3. Place under the UV light to see coverage of hands and wrists, dark gaps indicate non-sanitized areas of skin!!
  4. Wash and dry hands normally.
  5. Now provide hand rub application training as required.
  6. Repeat the process until full coverage can be achieved consistently.

Please note:  UV GERM hand Rub Gel does not actually sanitise hands or skin, its purpose is to ‘simulate’ the application of normal hand sanitizing gel for training purposes only.


Made from a light-fast, matt-black material which readily absorbs visible and UV light, the SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL provides a mini ‘dark-theatre’ to display the fluorescence from UV GERM particles remaining on the skin after washing  or cross-contamination training.

Size when flat:   700 xx 350 x 25mm

Size when open:   380 xx 330 x 330mm

Weight:   950 grams

Power:   5v DC USB via mains plug (supplied) or a portable USB power-pack (not supplied)

Suitable for use with:  All UV GERM Training Products: Lotion, Powder, Sprays, Markers and Grease

To clean, wipe down with anti-bacterial wipes.

We have have gone to great lengths to ensure our training products are as skin-friendly and as hypoallergenic as possible.  As such UV GERM Lotion and Gel Products contain:

NO Parabens, NO PEGs, NO Phthalates, NO Sulfates,

it is Alcohol-FREE, Fragrance FREE, Gluten FREE and suitable for VEGANs too.

However, we cannot guarantee that someone, somewhere won’t have a reaction to the product.  For this reason, before training, we recommend attendees are asked if they have any history of skin reactions or known allergies and tested for sensitivity. In the extremely rare occurrence of someone taking a reaction, then simply discontinue use for that individual.

This product is considered safe and non-toxic for COSHH purposes. However this product is not classed as Food Safe and is therefore unsuitable for use in areas designated for food production or food preparation.

Both UV GERM Lotion and Gel have a 12 month shelf life from the date of purchase.

Please note:  UV GERM hand Rub Gel does not actually sanitise hands or skin, its purpose is to ‘simulate’ the application of normal hand sanitizing gel for training purposes only.

For more information on the individual products in the kit please see the individual product pages.

Ingredients:  Aqua, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Polysorbate 20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, UV Pigment, Phenoyethanol, Carbomer, Pottassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, CI 19140, CI 42090


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