THE Complete Hygiene Training System

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The WORLDS 1st TOTAL Hygiene Training System

SHOWBOX PRO TOTAL is a complete hygiene training system based around our next generation, professional grade UV light box system, and the first comprehensive hygiene training tool kit made for Infection Control Professionals.

This lightweight, table top ‘dark theatre’ allows you to see UV GERM particles remaining on hands after washing (or acquired through cross-contamination demonstrations) making it perfect for training in brightly lit rooms or areas which cannot be darkened easily.

When needed, it simply pops-up in seconds for an instant, ready-to-use hygiene training station, anywhere! When not in use it folds flat for easy storage or transportation.

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Your Hygiene Training Tool Kit

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To teach or demonstrate hand or healthcare hygiene effectively you’ll need to have the right UV GERM tools: Training Lotion for Hand Wash Training. Hand Rub Gel for Hand Sanitiser Training. Hygiene Spray for Multi-surface Healthcare Cleanliness Training and Hygiene Marker and Grease for Cleaning Training or Hygiene Check and Monitor.  See ‘The Circle of Hygiene‘ for how it all fits together.

In fact all these products have many possible uses and inter-combinations to suit almost any training situation, including Hazmat and HazChem training.

Its about the right UV light

UV GERM Training products are all but invisible in ordinary light. To see them (or reveal their presence) you’ll need a UV Light source of a certain type and quality.

So at the heart of the SHOWBOX PRO we placed the New UV PRO Forensic Strip. A High quality, low profile UV LED array that produces UV-rich blacklight at an essential 365nm.

With no batteries or expensive UV bulbs to replace, its inexpensive to use and completely maintenance free, plus with very low energy consumption it’s rightfully ECO friendly too.

UV GERM Green Lotion
Hand Rub Blue Gel

UV GERM Lotion

uv germ training lotion range

SHOWBOX PRO Kits includes either a 250ml or 500ml bottle of UV GERM Hygiene Training Lotion. Formulated using SMART UV Revealing Particles which are INVISIBLE under normal light conditions, yet will glow Green or Blue when exposed to a good quality UV Light source.

A pleasing and easy-to-use method of applying Microscopic UV GERM Simulation particles to hands prior to washing. This gentle, non-greasy, hypoallergenic lotion is safe for use on all skin types as well as most non-porous surfaces.

Simple Pop-up & Show Training Station

1. Lay flat
2. Lift top layer
3. Fold back side panel
4. Zip-up rear panel
5. Plug-in and use

Hand and Healthcare Hygiene Training

Whilst hand hygiene is vitally important, if not more so in these troubled times, we must not forget about surface healthcare hygiene and the ever present problem of cross contamination. The SHOWBOX PRO Total Hygiene System provides the tools you’llneed to cover all 3 key elements of essential hygiene training plus the means to Check & Monitor Hygiene Standards going forward.

The UV PRO Forensic Torch can also provide Forensic CSI (Cleaning Standards Inspection) for Hospitals and Healthcare – Revealing traces of body fluids and other bio-contamination not visible to the naked eye.

An ingeniously simple pop-up UV Light Box made using a light-absorbing material which creates a USB powered dark theatre for revealing invisible UV GERM particles on the hands and wrists.  Takes but a few seconds to set-up and use, then folds back flat for easy storage or transportation.

Showbox Pro rear view

A gentle, hypo-allergenic hand washing training lotion which will glow bright green under UV light. Suitable for use on most skin types and non-porous surfaces and materials.

UV GERM Hand Rub Training Gel 250ml

A gentle, hypo-allergenic hand rub application training gel which will glow bright blue under UV light. Safe for use on most skin types.

Creates a waterproof, invisible (UV revealing) surface smear-mark for use in surface hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

Leaves a small invisible (UV revealing) surface mark for use in healthcare hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

Water based spray leaving a mostly invisible (UV revealing) surface dust-film for use in healthcare hygiene / cross-contamination training or demonstrations.

A UV Filtered, battery powered UV Forensic Blacklight which provides both close-up and wide-area disclosure of UV GERM surface marks or as a secondary hand wash training UV disclosure light.

The UV PRO Forensic Torch can also provide Forensic CSI (Cleaning Standards Inspection) for Hospitals and Healthcare – Revealing traces of body fluids and other bio-contamination not visible to the naked eye.

Showbox Pro Custom holdall

This high quality, premium holdall has been custom designed specifically the WASH & GLOW Showbox Pro. Each holdall is Individually HAND MADE using British upholstery grade Panaz fabric, and beautifully lined with several internal pockets to hold your UV GERM training lotions, sprays, accessories and documents. 

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Hand Rub Training Steps

The principle is simple; for hand rub to be fully effective, it must correctly applied so that it covers the entire surface area of both hands and wrists.

Any gaps (no matter how small) in this coverage, means, the alcohol hand rub may not be effective!

But how do you see what is and is properly covered? 

This is where UV GERM Hand Rub Training Gel comes in. A hypoallergenic, skin-safe gel, it contains a harmless, invisible UV ingredient, which when exposed to a UV light, will glow (fluoresce) bright blue. 

This serves to show exactly which parts of the hands and wrists have (and more importantly) have not been properly covered (sanitised).

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1 Wash and Dry hands First

Hand sanitizer is only fully effective on visibly clean (unsoiled) hands and skin.  Have the attendees wash and dry their hands properly in preparation.

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2 Dispense Hand Rub Training Gel

Dispense a small amount of Hand Rub Training gel into the hands. Roughly the same mount as would be dispensed by a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

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3. Rub into Hands

For the first attempt (and before any training), have the attendee rub the gel into their hands. 

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4. Check the results

Now have them place their hands inside the Showbox (or other darkend area) and see the results. The vast majority of their hands will probably be covered. However, its the tiny dark areas on the hands and wrists that are the danger zones. This is where microbes and bacteria can hide, safe from the sanitizers reach. Remember, it only takes a speck to cross-contaminate!

light bulb moment dkblue

5. Now Teach them how to do it properly

Having seen with their own eyes, the evidence of apply hand rub incorrectly, you would now teach them the correct technique and repeat the above steps 1 through 4 until they get it right.

Hand Wash Training Steps

1. Dispense lotion

Dispense a small amount of UV GERM lotion onto the hands.

2. Rub in well

Rub in the training lotion into hands and wrists.

Uv Germ Hygiene Training Lotion

3. Check coverage

Place hands inside the Showbox Pro’s  UV Forensic Light and see hands and wrists will glow bright green to show full coverage of the lotion.

4. Wash hands normally

Now wash hands as you would do normally.

5. Believe your eyes

Under UV light the areas not properly cleaned will still glow green.
light bulb moment green

6. Teach the techniques

Now deliver the appropriate hand wash method training and wash hands again.

Properly this time!

7. Check for Success

Under UV light your hands should now be free of any glowing UV GERM particles. Perfect.

The Circle of Hygiene

Hygiene Training & Monitoring are a key part of the Healthcare Circle of Hygiene.

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